#Super100 - A 100 Days Program Of Business Transformation for Enjay partners.

Training, consulting or coaching alone are not effective because of lack of execution. So we designed a 100-day EXECUTION program, where you learn every week and also execute the learnings on day to day basis.

What is #Super100 Program?

15 Unique Training Sessions

Next program will start Soon.

As of now, #Super100 is limited to IT Dealers and Channel Partners only.

14 Responses

  1. limesh sir very nice interface and all in one website very nicely linked with each other emc2 – enjayit
    I liked it sir simple with lots of knowledge.

  2. This program will be a very useful program from our partner to which will help them to analyse there business,sales , marketing,deals , planning more idea to explore there business in the market .

    Very helpfull program

  3. It was a eye opener
    Small things but effective
    I should work on executing thoughts

  4. Congratulations and welcome all of you to #Super100 community.

    It really helped me lot to transform the crucial things into my business with the help of tried and tested business practices shared by Limesh Ji.

    Would like to share the tip from my experience:
    1. It’s all about the practicing; more you practice, more fruitful it would be for you. I’m still trying to make it more fruitful for me.
    2. We may already know lot of things, but try to go with the flow of program. It will keep your excitement high.

    Be aware, if you do not practice it sincerely then Limesh Ji may choose to skip the session of that week.😀

    I wish you all the best and great wealth!

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