How to avoid mistakes in buying, implementing, using and scaling CRM.

--By Limesh Parekh

CRM Journey for Small Businesses, os full of questions, confusions and regrets. This book answers all your questions and makes your journey smooth and successful. 

CRM Journey Covered

Deciding to buy

Do you actually need a CRM System

Process of Buying CRM

Practical and straightforward answers to your questions


Focus on Minimum effort and max results

Make your team use CRM

Guidance on the most challenging part

Scaling Business with CRM

This is the real goal of this Book.

Format and the Plot

Story of 3 school friends running three different kinds of business and their CRM journey. How and what challenges they face and how their 4th friend helps them tackle these challenges. I have avoided any jargons and technical points.

Although, the ideas and concepts discussed in this book

Who should read this book

You should read this book if you are running a business not able to decide whether you need a CRM, or which CRM to buy. Even if you are struggling with CRM, this book will be a great help to you. If you want to Sell CRM or become a CRM Consultant, you will find a deep insight into the CRM customer’s mindset and challenges.

The questions answered in this book.

Deciding to buy CRM

  1. Difference between Policy, Process and Culture & why they are important. 
  2. Do I need a CRM?
  3. CRM is too costly?
  4. Are we too small for CRM?
  5. Should I buy CRM specific to my Industry?
  6. Difference between CRM & ERP
  7. Is CRM more than a reporting tool?

Process of Buying CRM

  1. Who should make CRM buying Decision?
  2. Why do CRM Trials not work?
  3. Why are Guided Tours beneficial?
  4. Why are comparison charts useless?
  5. Why most of the CRMs do not have effective Sales Target Management feature?
  6. Does CRM have an Inventory management system?
  7. What are the five best must do things while buying CRM?

Implementing CRM

  1. How much time does it take for CRM Implementation?
  2. What is the Role of Top Management in CRM Implementation
  3. Who should drive the CRM project in the company?
  4. How much data do we need to capture?
  5. Should customisation be done in the initial phase or later?
  6. What is the relationship between the process and CRM entry?
  7. Is CRM Training required?

Making your users use CRM

  1. What is the actual reason why your team is not using CRM?
  2. Why CRM Audit, every 60 days, is a must? 
  3. How does CRM review meetings work?
  4. Why parallel reporting kills CRM?
  5. Philosophy of reporting and analysis from CRM
  6. Why do Automatic escalation and gamification fail?
  7. Why having templates all the communications, increases CRM usage?

Using and Scaling business with CRM

  1. How to implement Cross-Selling policy, process and culture?
  2. How to setup Tele-Calling using CRM for sales and service?
  3. What marketing team can learn by analysing CRM data?
  4. Why creating a self-driven team is easy to implement with help of CRM?
  5. Why Investors and Bankers put more trust in companies using CRM?
  6. Why post 12 months is the best time for CRM Integrations with your other systems? 
  7. Integrating BI Tool v/s reporting in Spreadsheets?

Author spotlight

Mad about Make in India. CA dropout by choice, started an IT company, that too out of a small village in Gujarat. A great fan of Steve Jobs and his ideas on simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication. 

Whatever I learned and experienced in implementing CRM at Enjay since 2004 and helping more than 400 companies across India to use CRM, I have tried to present in this book in a very easy to understand language with lots of examples. 

Limesh Parekh

Readers say

Learning techniques to banish negative emotions and the distractions surrounding us in a consumer society which take me off the path to life.

Paul Smith

I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. I embrace the focus on living the Stoic philosophy and more.

Martha Hoax