How to prevent failures in buying, implementing and using CRM.

- By Limesh Parekh

All CRM vendors tell you what their CRM software can do. But no one is telling you what you have to do. This book answers all your questions and makes your journey smooth and successful. 

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Reviews by Reader's

Prakash Arya
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This book is an ultimate collection of thought, processes and ecosystem of digital CRM....which is very difficult to understand it. The author is best in his approach and made this book interesting. A must read for every one who works in CRM, MARCOM OR CORPCOM.
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Why CRM is required for all organization in SMB and how small companies can survive in competition with MNC culture.
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A very informative book about why and how to go about implementing a CRM. It has definitely helped me get my priorities straight and know what to look for in a CRM. As a bonus, the book is written like a story and is very interesting to read.
Abhijit Totade
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The book is very informative and written in simple and lucid language. Entire concept can be understood by an ordinary layman like me. That’s the success of the author. Great book read by me during recent time. Thanks Limeshji.
Impressive Star Softwares
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From a 'Picturisation of your "Customer Relations'" before you think of getting it systemised' to an 'Honest treatment of post CRM deployment syndrome'. This is a story of struggle of the SMEs which most us passes through... The need & way of 'Aligning People with Process' has been beautifully narrated here. Beneficial for the CRM aspirants as well as the CRM sellers both.
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I can recommend this book if you hunting for CRM in your Organization. This book will help you to make right decisions. If you already have CRM but struggling for adoption please read this. Limesh made a difficult or otherwise very dry topic in a easy to understand with lots of fun included! The passion and commitment of the author with topic is amazing This is must read book for any one in sales and marketing.
David E
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This book will appeal to Businesses implementing or thinking about implementing a CRM. It’s a reasonably quick read, quite top level viewpoint and contains a few excellent nuggets that could help you falling down the wrong path to making adoption successful.
Navnath Deokar
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Good book for business owners, I like this and recommend to others for reading, after reading every business owner will see positive changes in his / her business.

Book Review- Cracking The CRM Code

CRM Journey Covered

Deciding to buy

Do you actually need a CRM System

Actual process of buying CRM

Practical and straightforward answers to your questions


Focus on Minimum effort and max results

Make your team use CRM

Guidance on the most challenging part

Growing your business with CRM

This is the real goal of this Book.

Cracking The CRM Code - Why I wrote this book?

Format and the Plot

Story of 3 school friends running three different kinds of business and their CRM journey. How and what challenges they face and how their 4th friend helps them tackle these challenges. I have avoided any jargons and technical points.

Who should read this book

You should read this book if you are running a business not able to decide whether you need a CRM, or which CRM to buy.

Even if you are struggling with CRM, this book will be a great help to you.

If you want to Sell CRM or become a CRM Consultant, you will find a deep insight into the CRM customer’s mindset and challenges.

The questions answered in this book.

Author spotlight

Mad about Make in India. CA dropout by choice, started an IT company, that too out of a small village in Gujarat. A great fan of Steve Jobs and his ideas on simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication. 

Whatever I learned and experienced in implementing CRM at Enjay since 2004 and helping more than 400 companies across India to use CRM, I have tried to present in this book in a very easy to understand language with lots of examples. 

Limesh Parekh

Readers say

Learning techniques to banish negative emotions and the distractions surrounding us in a consumer society which take me off the path to life.

Paul Smith

I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. I embrace the focus on living the Stoic philosophy and more.

Martha Hoax