Cracking The CRM Code, review by Zehry Althea Galingan

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I want to share a Book review by Zehry Althea Galingan for Cracking The CRM Code

The book Cracking the CRM Code by Limesh Parekh is a pretty straightforward book that gives ideas
on how CRM is actually supposed to be used. With its novel-like introduction of topics that also mixed
with the textbook-style outline of concepts, I would rate this book 4 stars out of 5. This is mainly due
to the fact that there were some cultural analogies that I couldn’t quite grasp. However, since the
focus of the book is on CRM and not these analogies, I can safely say that I would recommend this
book to managers or even those taking up their MBA.

I like the fact that the book also introduces how the sales process actually occurs while describing the
inter-connectivity CRM in this process. Aside from this, the introduction of characters gives an
atmosphere of reading case studies but in a more leisurely pace rather than that of an academic-style
writing which is often dry and dull. The author was quite thorough in addressing different scenarios in
which CRM has been a challenge to adopt. He has also given sage leadership advice such as juniors
are like children in the psychological sense that they will follow the lead of the seniors. It gives birth to
the question “If our boss doesn’t even use the system, why should we?” This idea can be a
motivational factor to ensure the success of implementing a policy, addressing how the process will
be worked out, and even developing a culture of adhering to the policy.

In addition, this book was able to clarify the difference between an ERP and CRM. From my
understanding, ERP is more on numbers while CRM is more on the people and process. Had I taken
business instead of pursuing music, I would definitely endorse this book to other small and medium
enterprises that are trying to survive this pandemic-induced business apocalypse. Lastly, I think this is
a must-have book for CRM vendors that are pitching their product since it gives an insight into the
difficulties their potential customers face when deciding to purchase their product.
In general, this book is pretty much a great introduction to why a business would need a CRM, how to
pick out a vendor for first-timers, and how to adapt it to the business. Simple and easy to grasp for
those that have no idea what CRM actually is.

Zehry Althea Galingan

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