Book Review – Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter

competitive strategy Book review.

Reading Time: 3 minutes All of us want to be competitive, we want to win over the competition. But do we really understand the competition and our competitive advantage? Without understanding the same, how can we create our Competitive Strategy If we really want to understand Business at a macro level, I strongly recommend reading this book. This book […]

Book review – Delivering Happiness. A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of us talk about culture in the organization. But it is easy to talk and difficult to build. Delivering happiness is the book if you want to build a strong culture in your organization. From the title, it might sound like a philosophy or a self-help book, but it is not a pure business […]

Book Review – The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most small business owners struggle with their managing and growing their small businesses. They always remain small. It is simply because they are working in their business and not on their business. It sounds like a very subtle thing, but it is a very big difference. This is especially true for first-generation businessmen.  Are you […]