Book review – Delivering Happiness. A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.

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Most of us talk about culture in the organization. But it is easy to talk and difficult to build. Delivering happiness is the book if you want to build a strong culture in your organization. From the title, it might sound like a philosophy or a self-help book, but it is not a pure business book.

I came to know about this book from my friend Mr. Devendra Deshmukh, CEO of e-Zest Solutions. We both were discussing Customer service and he told me to read this book. A big thanks to him.

The fundamental lesson that I learned from this book, is that people are not ungrateful. (लोग बेग़ैरत नहीं होते)

Money doesn’t matter, Happiness does

Delivering happiness is the journey of an American Entrepreneur and ventures Capitalist Tony Hsieh. Beginning with his career in 1996 when he founded LinkExchange which was bought over by Microsoft, and then few other ventures and finally ending up starting Zappos.

Zappos is an (it was bought over by Amazon) Online shoe store. The corporate journey of building a company is nothing less than a thriller, But I want to talk about something else.

Core Values of Zappos Company

1. Deliver Wow through service

2. Embrace and deliver change

3. Create fun and little weirdness

4. Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded.

5. Pursue Growth and Learning.

6. Build Open and Honest relationships through communication

7. Build a positive team and a family spirit

8. Do more with Less.

9. Be Passionate and Determined

10. Be Humble

– Tony Hsieh

Who should read this book:

  • Everyone who wants to build a successful business, through culture.
  • If you want to make huge profits by giving extraordinary customer service.
  • Business coaches and consultants
  • Students who want to do business in future

Why You should read this book

Most business books talk about only the monetary part of the business. But this book can teach you how to be happy in your business.

Another best part of the book that I liked is that Tony not only tells you the principle, he also shares how they implemented it and what was the experience. Various experiments fail, but it’s important how you persevere over those failures.

The ideas discussed in “Delivering Happiness” are not simply Gyan, It’s being told by someone who has already done it

– Limesh Parekh

Some Interesting Learnings.

Although I am trying to put some points, the real learning the experience and thought process that you go through when you read this book. You will feel like it’s your own journey. I think that happens because it has been written by heart.

The philosophy which Zappos follows is called Holacracy, which means self-organization and self-management, rather than a conventional top-down approach

– Tony Hsieh
  1. People
    1. Hire the right people, take time to hire them. Involve yourself spend some time on the process. also, take efforts to develop your team.
    2. Make a learning culture in your organization. Your team members should feel that their work is part of a greater purpose.
  2. Brand
    1. A great brand is a story, that never stops unfolding.
    2. Your culture is your brand and your team members are your brand ambassadors.
  3. Customer Service
    1. Customer service is not the role of one department, its the responsibility for each and every person in your organization.
    2. Whatever might be your product or service, but your business is always about making customers happy.

The hiring process at Zappos is very unique. First, they hire someone then they train that person for three months. Then offer them a Leaving Bonus of 10,000 USD. They are free to take that money and leave the organization.

You might feel that this is suicidal, but think carefully, the above process will ensure that only those people stay in your company, who are actually passionate about it.

Shortcuts for nonreaders

What if you don’t like reading, or you are lazy enough to not read the book, but still want to take benefit of these ideas. Here are some other sources for it.

  1. Book Summary site Blinkist.com provides you the (Audio and written) summary of the same
  2. Watch some of the videos of the keynote address by Tony on youtube.
    1. Top 10 Business rules of Tony, by Ivan.
    2. Tony @ Google Talks.
  3. Here are a few very good written summaries about this book: Link1, Link2
  4. Complete Audiobook is available on youtube. (I am not sure about its legality).

We have implemented many of these principles at Enjay. If you want to have a chat with me regarding the same. Ping me.

– Limesh Parekh
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  1. Crisp review sir. Good books must be read by all, a review provides a peak into what’s in store..
    Curiosity to read is what this review achieves. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks a lot, Hozefa Bhai, I am glad that you found it useful.
      Please do help to spread the word by sharing this on your Social media and WhatsApp Groups.

  2. Limeshbhai I like receiving your reviews on books. They are very crisp and it highlights why one should read the book and one can decide based on their interests.

    I am looking forward to read this book and if i find myself lazy doing it, will go through the links.

    Once again thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks a lot Ketan Bhai, please do help to spread the word by sharing this on your Social media and WhatsApp Groups.

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