Cracking the Sales Management Code Book Review
Limesh Parekh
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Book Review – Cracking the Sales Management Code

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you are a business owner or a Sales Team leader, you should read this book more than once. Yes, I don’t suggest, but I insist that you should read it more than once. Why? let me explain briefly.

I am a CA dropout from a Non-Business Family background. So learning business was difficult for me. However, learning Sales was even more difficult. But then as the Sales Team started to grow, I learned that now we need to manage our Sales Team. Then I realized that Sales (Team) Management was the most difficult of the task.

We can debate on whether Sales is an Arts or Science. But there is no doubt that Sales Management is PERFECT SCIENCE.

– Jason Jordan

Six years back, when we were designing a Dashboard for our CRM, we were faced with the same dilemma. What should the Bosses and Managers Monitor? You might not believe, but we spent 7 months in deciding what should go into the dashboard so that our clients are able to manage their teams, just by monitoring single dashboard.

In designing the dashboard for our CRM, After spending more than 6 months in consulting various consultants and reading various books on Sales Management, Finally, we found all the answers in this Book. I am sure you will also find the same.

– Limesh Parekh

Here is a video on 9 Metrics that you should Measure

(Sales Metrics – PPT and Video)

The book is written by Jason Jordon and Michelle Vazzana. They are co-founders of Sales Consultancy firm called Vantage Point Performance.

Who should read this book?

Sales Managers, Business Owners, MBA Students, Sales Team Leaders, and everyone who is involved with the Sales & Marketing process. Please note that this book is not about Sales, but about Sales management.

How would you benefit from this book?

This book gives some very practical and surprising answers to manage your sales team. The biggest problem is what to measure? Generally, all the sales Leaders are obsessed with figures like Target v/s Achieved, Cashflow, and lots of end results. Can we manage these numbers?

Sales Managers spend most of their time talking and thinking about Targets and Sales Achieved. However, it is not something that we can manage. Its the end result.

Inspired from Bhagwad Geeta

No, we cannot even influence these numbers. But we can manage activities, and these activities can influence Sales Objectives. In turn, these sales objectives can help us to achieve end results.

The authors then go ahead and explain to you to use this method to manage various scenarios and various types of Sales teams.

There is a striking similarity between the core concept of Bhagwad Geeta and the basic idea behind this book.


www.crmsoftwaretips.com – Sales management and Bhagwad Geeta

This book is divided into three parts

  1. Part 1 talks about Metrics (What you should measure). The Code.
  2. Part 2 discusses the logic and fundamentals of the Code
  3. Part 3 then goes ahead and applies the Code in real-life scenarios.

My personal note:

This book seems very interesting in the first part, but then after that, you start feeling bored. That is because you have not yet understood and digested the first part. I suggest taking a break of a few days/weeks after reading the first part. Apply a few principles in your work and then go ahead to read the next parts.

Also, once you have read this book and implemented it in your business, come back after 9-12 months, and read this again.

I am keenly interested to know about your views regarding this review. Was it useful? Please share your comments.

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