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We solve your Sales Management Problem

No Sales Forecast

Either you don’t get a forecast from your sales team, or that Sales forecast is not relevant, or you have to work very hard to get a proper Sales forecast. As a result, your Sales targets are never fulfilled.

Lack of reporting

The sales team is not reporting properly to you, or they are doing false reporting or you have to work very hard to get the necessary information from them. You are not sure what they are doing.

Incomplete Data

You have a CRM, but that is not being used as a productivity tool but a reporting mechanism. Everybody tries to avoid doing entries in CRM. No one in the team can trust the CRM Data.

Your other Priorities

You as a Boss or Team Leader have other priorities and cannot do the thankless job of regular followups with your sales team. You know what is to be done, but you don’t have time to do it.

Virtual Sales Manager

We do the dirty work of monitoring and follow-up, while you can focus on your business

We help you identify Pretenders v/s Performers

We do the dirty job of follow-ups and monitoring your sales team. We escalate you things that are important to you, making sure that the process as decided and laid out is followed by your team. How do we do it and how does it help you? Check out a detailed presentation

Sales Management is all about Transfers.

Your executives have information like what did the customer say, when did they meet, what are the requirements of the customer, what are the challenges faced by customer, the objections raised by customer, and so on. You or your Sales manager have knowledge about how to handle objections, how to handle negotiations, how to demonstrate the capacity to the customer. An effective Sales Management process is all about of Transfer of knowledge from Sales Manager and boss and Transfer of Information from Sales Executives to Bosses/Managers. We help you achive that.

9 Sales Metrics to improve your sales performance

The biggest challenge faced by any Sales Manager or small business owner is what to measure and how to measure. We studied more than 450 companies to understand this problem and figured out that most of people are monitoring wrong things. We have compiled a list of Sales Metrics that you need to measure and monitor so that you can improve and manage Sales performance. Don’t miss the videos on that page.

Can we do this?

Yes, we have been helping our Customers (more than 450) to succeed in managing their Sales teams and achieve excellence in implementing Sales Process. 

We have been doing this since 2009. Our experienced and innovative Business and functional consultants will make sure that you succeed in your plans.

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It might be debatable, whether Sales is an Art or Science but it is 100% confirm that Sales Management is a Science. 

A perfect science which requires systematic measurement and disciplined actions. 

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Our other Solutions that help in Sales Performance Management

EMC2 – or Enjay Management Consultancy and Coaching is a venture by Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. A software development company since 2000. 

We develop Indian software for Indian Companies. Apart from Linux OS, Tally Cloud, and superb helpdesk management solutions, we do have other solutions which help you in improving Sales and marketing Performance.

Sales CRM

Since 2009, Simple but powerful, easy but intuitive CRM platform with Mobile first philosophy. Based on proven concepts of Sales Management philosophy.

Call Centre

Since 2010, complete call center solution for tele sales, tele marketing and tele support teams. Completely integrated with our CRM solution for 360 degree reporting.

Sampark Setu App

A powerful Mobile app for Small Business Owners for SMS, Email and WhatsApp. Group your contacts, create campaigns, templates and start marketing.